27% fewer accidents in 2020

27% fewer accidents in 2020
(Photo : Michel Thibault)

Marked by decreased travel due to COVID- 19, 2020’s road safety record has improved within the territory served by the Châteauguay Police Department.

The number of road accidents in Châteauguay, Beauharnois, Léry and Saint-Isidore dropped by 27% compared to 2019. The number of collisions with injuries decreased by 37%, the police department informed.

“There could certainly be a link between the number of accidents and the decrease in travel,” confirmed Officer Nadia Grondin, spokesperson for the Châteauguay Police Department.

More cyclists

While the overall trend decreased, the number of accidents involving cyclists increased in 2020. The police department recorded 17 in 2020, as opposed to 7 in 2019.

Although more pedestrians were in the streets in 2020, there were fewer accidents involving them; just 5 compared with 20 in 2019.

Four causes

The Châteauguay Police Department stated that most accidents occurred during the week between noon and 6 pm in places where the posted speed limit was 50 km/hr.

They identified four main causes: tailgating, omitting a mandatory stop at a stop sign or traffic light, loss of control and hit-and-run.

Total collisions

490 in 2020

668 in 2019

Collisions with Injuries

101 in 2020

160 in 2019

(Source: Châteauguay Police Department)

Translation Amanda Bennett

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