A bakery in Chateauguay rebuffed for using the poppy symbol in a fundraising

Par Vicky Girard
A bakery in Chateauguay rebuffed for using the poppy symbol in a fundraising
The Bakery used its own money to make the cookies. (Photo : Facebook - Obsession Bakery)

The Obsession bakery in Chateauguay was forced to stop production of cookies with the Poppy symbol made to raise money for Royal Canadian Legion Chateauguay Branch 108, because an authorization to use the emblem of Remembrance Day was not given. Miscommunication about the procedure to use it would have caused the issue.

The Obsession Bakery published the story on its Facebook page on November 12th, highlighting that the cookies’ campaign raised $2,195 given “with love, respect and gratitude” to the Chateauguay Legion.

“We were not aware that there was an official procedure for using the Poppy symbol and it was never our intention to show any disrespect. It was our belief that this flower is so recognizable, that it represents our national respect and gratitude for the sacrifices made by those that gave all. We also saw it as the best way to raise the most amount of money for our friends at the Legion”, reads the Facebook post.

One of the co-owners, Nicolas Néron, also contacted Le Soleil on this topic, stating that he found it deplorable that the bakery was told their use of the Poppy symbol was disrespectful in this case.


Frank Cholette, President of the Chateauguay Legion, told the paper that this whole story was “unpleasant” for him as well, since he knows the bakery has been devoted to the community and the Legion for years.

He explained that in September, he asked the provincial Legion for authorization for an individual who contacted him to knit Poppies to raise money.

“After they checked with the federal Legion, I was told that as long as all the funds are going to the Legion, it’s okay”, affirmed Cholette.

When he was made aware of the Obsession Bakery’s campaign, he took for granted that there was no issue.

He was as surprised and disappointed as the Bakery to learn that they had to stop the fundraising.

He insists on not blaming anyone for what he considers “miscommunication” about the procedure. He understood after this situation that an authorization has to be obtained for each campaign using the Poppy symbol and thinks that this will be a lesson for a lot of people, including provincial and federal Legions.

Frank Cholette expressed that he believes the campaign and production of the cookies was a great way to raise awareness about Remembrance Day. He noted that many children who were getting the cookies asked questions about the red flower on them.

About the Poppy trademark 

Since 1948, on behalf of the people of Canada, the Royal Canadian Legion was given the responsibility to safeguard the Poppy as a sacred symbol of Remembrance, a symbol of the sacrifice of Veterans. The Legion ensures that the Poppy is not used for commercial or personal gain, and that it be protected from inappropriate use. It is for these reasons that the Legion requires permission for the use of the trademark Poppy, or the Poppy image, as it relates to Remembrance Day. (Source: Royal Canadian Legion)

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Alanna Murphy
Alanna Murphy
2 mois

I don’t get it? Legions are always looking for money, why didn’t the people who stopped the fundraiser ask what it was for. Over 2100.00 good for the owners of Obsession.
I hope it didn’t sour your fantastic initiative.

Ed O'Flaherty
Ed O'Flaherty
2 mois

We have no issue with the bakery use of the Poppy and commend Obcession Bakery for their efforts to support the Royal Canadian Legion in Chateauguay.