Against outdoor open fires in Châteauguay

Against outdoor open fires in Châteauguay
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I am against outdoor open fires in Chateauguay for the following reasons.  

I believe that the citizens of Chateauguay want to lead healthy lives and breathing in any smoke is harmful to one’s health.

There are more and more communities that have banned outdoor fires.  The city of Montreal is one of the them. On their municipal website it is mentioned that smoke from fires contains over 100 toxic substances including: fine particles, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and other irritants.  It is also noted that some of these substances are carcinogens and the particles can deeply penetrate the lungs and have major repercussions on people’s health.  Here is their website with more details:

Personally, I don’t want to breathe in the smoke that blows into my house from a nearby outdoor fire. I open my windows for fresh air but instead allow in smoke from an outdoor fire. Smoke in the air is pollution. This is something that we are all trying to lessen not add to!

I have seen all sorts of questionable wood-type materials used in outdoor fires including particle board and painted wood planks. All smoke is toxic for our lungs but smoke from burning these items could have even worse harmful health effects. I have seen some regulations on the types of wood that are permitted for open fires but I don’t think this is possible to monitor and enforce.

I had a neighbour who, weekly, brought in a good-sized trailer filled with many wood-type materials that he often burned during the day and at night!  I could not work in my garden when he was enjoying his outdoor fire almost every day!  I could not sit outside in my gazebo to enjoy the cool evening summer breezes! When I called the city about it I was informed that he was within his rights to burn wood as long as he adhered to some regulations about the fire pit location and type. I was then told that if I had a problem with the smoke I should call the police!

We all live and work in communities that ban indoor smoking so as to minimize the health risks of second-hand smoke.  These health risks have been researched and proven to exist! The second-hand smoke that I breathe in from a neighbour enjoying an outdoor fire is no different than inhaling smoke from someone’s cigarette!  In fact, I consider it to be more problematic because I cannot move away from it–unless I actually moved out of my house.

We all work hard and lead busy lives and need to take some down time to re-energize ourselves.  Who could argue with the calming effects of watching the mesmerising flames of a fire while relaxing with friends and family? But those sitting near the fire do not breathe in the toxic smoke–the neighbours do! These neighbours have the right to breathe in clean air during their time off with their families and friends.

So, I am against continuing with allowing outdoor fires in Chateauguay. I believe that one person’s mode of relaxation should not adversely effect another’s health and leisure time!

Thank you.

Nancy Brennan


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Marie Hoople
Marie Hoople

I agree with this. We have a neighbour who uses an outdoor wood-burning stove all year, and I can’t walk outside without inhaling the smoke from it.

Jack Maoff
Jack Maoff

I couldn’t agree more, while we’re at it lets get rid of the neighbours that cut their grass on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, with all that pollution, and noise and not to mention my allergies. Oh ya and when they spray the fields with cow shit !, so vile I want to throw up ! again I like to breath fresh air as well, not air filled with molecules of shit! What about the chemicals from the neighbours who gets his lawn treated. What about the screaming kids playing outside more noise pollution, it’s crazy!!! What about this and… Lire la suite »