Allô! Mon coco restaurant opens at the Regional Centre of Chateauguay

Par Vicky Girard
Allô! Mon coco restaurant opens at the Regional Centre of Chateauguay
(Photo : Facebook - Allo mon coco)

After a long process to run its business in Chateauguay, the breakfast restaurant from the chain Allô! Mon coco finally opened at the Regional Centre of Chateauguay, on July 28.

The company has been looking to settle in the city since 2015, but could not find the “perfect location”, says the company’s vice president, Ève Desmarais.

“In summer 2017, Groupe March approached us and proposed a strategic location. Once we saw the development, we knew we had a winner”, she continues.

In January 2018, a franchisee signed and the plans started. They were, however, stopped by the city, regarding the appearance of the building in particular. The opening was initially planned at the end of that year. The chain then had to wait for the developer to start the renovations.

The renovations made headlines over the course of multiple years. It was first delayed and started in winter 2018.

In August 2019, the construction of the building finally started. The banner took possession of it last January. The restaurant, of approximately 4,200 square feet, can welcome 150 people.


The pandemic turned out to be another obstacle to the opening, which was originally planned for May.

“We are extremely happy that the franchisees who signed in 2017 was patient during the whole process”, emphasized Ève Desmarais.

Despite the delays caused by COVID-19, she adds that the franchisees are well prepared to face the situation and she is confident that customers will show up.

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