Chateauguay awards contract to inform its citizens in English

Par Michel Thibault
Chateauguay awards contract to inform its citizens in English

The Chateauguay municipal council has awarded a contract to the Documents translation enterprise of Montreal, to have its French communications translated into English.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

This is for the amount of $49,151, taxes included, for a one-year period. “It’s for all of the documents that the City of Chateauguay must have translated in order to be able to communicate with our anglophone citizens. Whether it be on the City”s website, in the En Mouvement magazine, or the communiques that we write that must be translated, it’s this firm that is going to translate them,” explained Chateauguay Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier at the June council meeting during which the contract was granted.


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Thanks for looking after the Anglophone Community

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