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Children can go trick-or-treating

vendredi le 16 octobre 2020
Modifié à 9 h 12 min le 16 octobre 2020
Par Valérie Lessard
Quebec Premier Francois Legault seemed happy to announce the “good news” on October 15:Children can go trick-or-treating on Halloween October 31. This green light is granted on two conditions: the collection will be uniquely permitted between members of a same family (living at the same address) and not between friends. And those who give the treats must respect two-metre distancing. Legault suggested that residents show themselves to be clever or even prepare bags of candy and leave them in a basket at the entrance. “It’s not ideal, but the children will be able to wear a disguise and walk through the streets and receive candy,” he indicated at an October 15 press conference. “Halloween essentially takes place outdoors. We know that it is less risky,” Legault justified his decision. Parties or get-togethers reuniting several people remain forbidden. Halloween in 2020 “is uniquely for children,” he resumed. (Translation Dan Rosenburg)  

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