Citizen Respond on State of the Roads

Citizen Respond on State of the Roads
Une rue à Châteauguay, (Photo : Michel Thibault)

I have reside in Chateauguay for nearly 50 years.

Never have I seen the side streets in such poor conditions regarding the snow removal.

Keeping in mind that we pay high municipal taxes, we deserve better.

If the present employees cannot rectify the problem, it is time to replace them with somebody who can.

Regarding recent city explanations in Le Soleil newspaper on why streets are in such condition, I would suggest you lower the plows.

Gerry McKenna

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Olivia D

This is the worst case scenario for the cars, and the streets are full of ice . There’s even a car accident in the picture, because off ice, not the speed this time . On my street I can even walk ,everyone is sow concern about how the maire is taking action. Nobody’s doing nothing, the taxes we are paying are too high. For does how are having big jobs, the protection of citizen is not in ? (putting some salt ).I hope the maire is taking action on !! Thank you Olivia Donciu