COVID-19 : In Chateauguay : $100,000 to relieve hunger, distress

Par Michel Thibault
COVID-19 : In Chateauguay : $100,000 to relieve hunger, distress
L'assemblée des élus a eu lieu à distance. Un écran à la mairie les montre simultanément grâce à une application. (Photo : Michel Thibault)

The City of Chateauguay is going to draw from its surplus to support people in distress on its territory because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

”We want to help people who are dealing with the consequences of that,” stressed Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier at a special assembly of elected officials last Thursday, to make the measure official.

The assistance will be assured by the intervention of some community groups. The councillors will be able to identify the people in need and direct them to the appropriate group, which will be able to benefit from help from the City for its support. Some citizens will also be able to point out cases of distress to municipal councillors and the City. The elected officials will approve the grants in a more or less numerous committee, according to the grant.


The elected officials let it be known that they wanted to relieve the hunger first and foremost. The food assistance groups, such as La Rencontre Chateaugoise, the Chateauguay Food Bank and the St. Vincent-de-Paul Society. figured to lead the way.

In the preceding days, La Rencontre let it be known that the poverty had increased since massive job layoffs were madeby the fight against COVID-19. From 100 to 120 per week, the requests for help soared to 180, explained Josee Foucault, director general of the group that distributes food every Thursday.

Donations are welcome, Foucault assured.


As some people are confined to their homes and certain of them are discreet about their financial conditionm it will be possible to deposit foodstuffs in front of the door of a person who is known to be in a precarious position, Mayor Routhier noted.

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