COVID-19 : Routhier wants to offer outdoor activities to citizens.

Par Michel Thibault
COVID-19 : Routhier wants to offer outdoor activities to citizens.
L'Agora citoyenne de Châteauguay (Photo : (Le Soleil de Châteauguay-Archives))

Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier wants to offer Chateauguay citizens places to walk and also to have outdoor amusements while respecting the rules of social distancing.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

Pierre-Paul Routhier (Photo Michel Thibault)

“We are stuck with this for at least a year, a year and a half, until someone finds a vaccine, until a remedy is found,” affirmed the first magistrate, at a special council meeting on May 6. ”This” refers to the COVID-19 pandemic. ”It is certain that I would like us to resume our activities. I want people to be able to give books to others, I want one to be able to use the agora, with distant places so that one can put on shows for people,” Routhier declared.

“How are we going to do this? I don’t know,” he admitted. “It’s sure I am going to ask our Citizens’ Life Service to rack its brains to launch some activities. We are soon going to have nice weather. I want the activities to start up again.”

The Mayor also asked the municipal councillors again to identify in their riding a street where the traffic could be limited to enable people to go for a walk while respecting the two-metre distance regulation. It is a formula already in place on Salaberry Blvd. It could be set up only on weekends. A big street could be turned into a one-way artery from Friday to Monday, for example,” Routhier explained. “If we can permit the people to go out, to end their confinement, to be less stiff, we are going to do all that is possible to do this. And if we have to bring back some employees to do it, yes, we will certainly do it.”

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