COVID-19 : Volunteer work : Youths take over

COVID-19 : Volunteer work : Youths take over
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The confinement to their homes of people aged 70 and over to protect them against COVID-19 deprived community groups of their volunteer champions. A call to everyone to replace them has been heard.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

The Centre d’action bénévole de Beauharnois practically lost all its Good Samaritans following the order to senior citizens to stay home.

Louise Lebrun

The call from the heart of director Louise Lebrun spread by the Chateauguay Soleil paid off. “As of Sunday (March 22), people reached us on Messenger, saying ‘I want to get involved,” Lebrun appreciates. About 50 people demonstrated, including several teachers on forced holidays. And there were several young people as well.

“Human beings are good and generous. When a crisis arrives, people like to have a mission and help,” Lebrun reacted.

From the standpoint of the Centre d’action bénévole du Grand Châteauguay, 40 brave people out of 115 had to take an enforced holiday. Reinforcements also came to work. “The telephone did not get rusty since yesterday (March 22). We are having a super beautiful response,” affirmed CABGC director general Annik Hall.

Annik Hall

The two groups are offering a vast range of services to people in need, now more numerous because of the impacts of the pandemic. They are still recruiting people. And donations are welcome.


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