Guignolees time approaching

Par Valérie Lessard
Guignolees time approaching

The time is in store for non-perishable provisions because the community groups responsible for the Guignolees in the region will be coming to your homes shortly.

For the sectors of Mercier, Lery, Chateauguay, St. Isidore and Beauharnois, the Guignolee will be held on Sunday, December 1. The St. Vincent de Paul Society, which coordinates the collection for the sectors of Chateauguay, Mercier and Lery, will distribute the bags for that purpose this weekend.

The foodstuffs gathered will notably serve for the preparation of Christmas baskets. According  to  Louis Montpetit, president of the Greater Chateauguay St.Vincent de Paul Society, close to 800 Christmas baskets were distributed last year.

In Ste. Martine, the Guignolee will take place on December 15.

(translation: Dan Rosenburg)

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