Inspired by her favorite show, a young girl donates her long hair to a good cause

Par Vicky Girard
Inspired by her favorite show, a young girl donates her long hair to a good cause
Julianna Martin says she loves her new haircut. (Photo : Courtesy - Lisa Coles)

Julianna Martin growed her hair for more than half of her life and intended to keep it long, until she saw a meaningful episode of her favorite show, Alexa and Katie, available on Netflix.

« I saw how expensive wigs are because of the main person in the show, who has cancer », explains the 9 year old girl from Châteauguay.

Julianna Martin’s mother, Lisa Coles, specifies that in the inspiring episode, a character named Alexa has her hair shaved by her friend and goes to a store to buy a wig. She then realizes they’re worth thousands of dollars.

« After she saw it, Julianna told me it was the right time to cut her hair. She was ready », remembers Ms. Coles.

Not knowing a good cause could benefit from it before that moment, she doesn’t think her daughter would have cut her hair long to her waist. She shares how proud and suprised she was.

« I was totally okay about it, her long hair was so hard to brush », remarks Ms. Coles.

Julianna Martin has no regret for her gesture. She even says she really likes the result.

Facebook – Lisa Coles

When the hairdresser from La Belle & Le Rebel Coiffure et esthétique in Châteauguay started cutting her hair, she explains that she was « really okay with it » and didn’t feel any sadness for losing 17 inches of her hair.

The long braid she made with it will now be given to CanDonate Hair Foundation, who gives free wigs to children who lost their hair due to cancer.


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