Kahnawake peacekeepers react to sexual assault allegations on Twitter

Par Vicky Girard
Kahnawake peacekeepers react to sexual assault allegations on Twitter
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In light of recent Twitter posts regarding sexual assaults that took place in Kahnawake, the peacekeepers issued a press release to inform the community that they are taking “any reporting of these types of crimes extremely seriously”, on July 31.

“While the Peacekeepers cannot guarantee an outcome in any criminal proceeding, we are doing our best to ensure that these cases are handled properly and professionally” reads the statement.

Authorities remind the community that they have agents specially trained in investigating crimes of this nature, and that they are prepared to hear victims’ complaints.

“We also wish to ensure that individuals are aware that there is no time limit on reporting sexual assault (which is defined as any unwanted touching of a sexual nature) and that we encourage individuals to come forward to report this crime at any time”, it continues.

Peacekeepers also add that they take the professionalism and conduct of their agents very seriously. If complaints made of a criminal nature concerns an officer, an outside independent policing service will investigate, they inform.

A joint press release was also issued on the same day, in which Peacekeepers, Kahnawake Community services, Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre and the Mohawk Council affirms that “while it is common knowledge that this serious problem does exist within the community, the sheer number of allegations may come as a shock to many”.

They insist that victims, or any individual affected, can obtain help they need with professionals.

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Kana wake police are a big part of the problem, protection their own and family members