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Lery bridge closed for the summer again

vendredi le 16 juillet 2021
Modifié à 14 h 18 min le 16 juillet 2021
Par Hélène Gingras

(Photo : Gracieuseté Michel Thibault)

For the second consecutive summer Lery’s municipal council has decided to prohibit vehicle traffic on the Lery Bridge located at the border of Châteauguay.  

Translation Amanda Bennett

The idea is to make the bicycle and foot paths more secure, explained the Director General of the Municipality, Dale Stewart, to the Soleil de Châteauguay. The bridge can be crossed on foot or bike, but not by car.

The closure also addresses a traffic issue, he added.

“Many residents from Chemin du Lac [Saint-Louis] are complaining about traffic, speed and other issues,” he said.

Given that the summer closure went well in 2020 with pedestrians and cyclists continuing to using the infrastructure, city council wanted to repeat the experience. The bridge will be accessible to cars once buses are travelling on the roads again.   

Few complaints have been conveyed to the municipality and residents in the sector have expressed their gratitude to city councillors, the Director General mentioned.

For its part, a Châteauguay resident who wrote to the paper said that she deplores the political decision that prevents motorists “from circulating freely” and “enjoying the beauty of Lac-Saint-Louis”. She thinks the decision is outrageous.   She invites people to complain to the City of Léry.

Asked to react to Léry Bridge closure to vehicles during the summer, Châteauguay Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier said that it is not his place to “get involved in decisions made by a neighbouring city”.

Nonetheless, he added that he would undoubtedly support Châteauguay citizens who might go to the courts to contest the decision. Mr. Routhier is of the opinion that the road along Lac Saint-Louis in Léry is a regional attraction and therefore prohibiting access to vehicles as of d’Youville in Châteauguay would not be appropriate.   

City Council has not, however, commented on the matter, the mayor advised. For his part, the mayor had been in contact with his vis-à-vis in Lery and had been advised that the bridge would be closed to ensure additional safety to cyclists and pedestrians at the location.

“The only thing that I am concerned about is people’s safety,” said Mr. Routhier, questioning whether the closure might impact response times for emergency service vehicles.

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