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Lucie Lamoureux addresses the impacts of climate change

mercredi le 13 octobre 2021
Modifié à 19 h 36 min le 14 octobre 2021
Par Paula Dayan-Perez

Lucie Lamoureux. (Photo : Courtesy of Parti Impact Châteauguay)

Châteauguay mayoral candidate Lucie Lamoureux believes that municipal government must play an important role in the fight against climate change. The leader of the Impact Châteauguay Party proposes a platform that takes to heart the challenges posed by global warming.

Translation Renaud Médan

“Since at the municipal level, we are the local government, we are the ones who help people understand all the actions that should be taken,” she says.

One of Lamoureux's priorities is to ensure the city is prepared to respond to climate emergencies. She said she is particularly concerned about continuous heat waves and the impact on citizens who have no place to keep cool.

As a first step, the candidate wants to lift the ban on swimming at Joseph Allard Park. “There are several components that we want to look at. For example, is it possible to change the Nautical Centre’s vocation to allow people to swim?” she asks.

Water conservation

The party proposes to offer tools to help residents save drinking water, such as water collection barrels.

Lamoureux also points to the City of Mercier as an example, which helps its citizens obtain WaterSense water conservation kits at a reduced price. When asked about funding for a similar project in Châteauguay, which has three times the population of Mercier, Lamoureux explained that she would look for sponsors.

Communication and awareness

In order to achieve a plan that puts forward climate issues, Lucie Lamoureux finds it essential to keep citizens well informed.

Her strategy involves increased promotion of MyAccount, the municipality’s platform used to communicate with residents. She would also make “choices” in the city's communications budget, which is currently “used a lot to promote activities”. Lamoureux also wants to invest in a signage plan to sensitize citizens and prepare information sheets for new residents.

In the longer term, the candidate wants to develop cooling areas, improve the bicycle path network and encourage citizens to use carpooling and public transit.



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