Nautical Center not accessible during work

Nautical Center not accessible during work

As part of the shoreline revitalization work planned at the nautical centre (540 D’Youville Blvd.), the Ville de Châteauguay wishes to inform users that the site will not be accessible from approximately October 4 to 25. Since some people still engage in their favorite water sports despite colder temperatures, it is important to note that the fence will be locked to ensure people’s safety and the site integrity.

The project involves replacing the gabion-wall with riprap and refilling the beach with gravel (small round rocks) to prevent the beach sand from leaching out, as it has been doing for several years in the spring. A few innovations will also be implemented as a pilot project, such as a boat wave breaker support and installing a natural spur in the lake to block erosion in the spring. This represents an investment of nearly $200,000.

(Source Ville de Châteauguay)

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