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New watering ban in Châteauguay

vendredi le 11 juin 2021
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Par Paula Dayan-Perez

The City of Châteauguay is once again banning outdoor watering due to the increasing rate of water consumption. Just 11 days after the previous ban was lifted, the municipality is urging residents to ration use of water “to essential purposes only”.

“This ban [...] will help avoid the overconsumption of water and protect our facilities”, indicated the City through a press release.

Effective June 11th, the use of any watering system (manual, automatic, electronic or underground) and cleaning the outside of houses is prohibited until further notice.

In addition, the municipality will not issue any permits to water newly laid sod. Only sod installed before June 11th, with proof of purchase, can be watered during times usually authorized by the by-laws. That is between 9 p.m. and midnight for a maximum of seven consecutive days. After that period, regular watering rules apply.

Manual watering allowed

However, watering gardens, flowers and vegetable plots with a manual device is still permitted. The City recommends using rainwater collection containers.

It is forbidden to fill swimming pools with water from the water system, and all Châteauguay water parks will also be closed. 

“As soon as the situation allows, residents will be informed and encouraged to scrupulously uphold watering by-laws”, said the City.

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