No plastic allowed with organic materials

Par Michel Thibault
No plastic allowed with organic materials
(Photo : Michel Thibault)

Citizens must not use any plastic in the collection of organic materials.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

The authorities have passed the message a few times in recent weeks; some people are asking questions, notably regarding plastic ‘’biodegradable’’ plastic bags, and several are depositing their dead leaves in plastic bags.

The ‘’biodegradable bags’’ are refused because they crumble into small particles and each plastic particle compromises the decomposition process, explains the Beauharnois-Salaberry MRC in a communique.

As for the dead leaves, they are collected on condition that they are placed in paper bags beside the brown bin, reminded councillor Michel Énault, at the November public meeting of Chateauguay elected municipal officials.

Every two weeks

Carried out each week since it was launched in the region in October, the collection of the brown bin will from now on be held every two weeks from December to March.

Interested people can gather information on the materials accepted and the frequency of the collections on the Roussillon and Beauharnois-Salaberry MRC websites.

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