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The People’s Party of Canada Candidate Advocates for Freedom at All Costs

vendredi le 10 septembre 2021
Modifié à 14 h 45 min le 14 septembre 2021
Par Jules Gauthier

Jeff Benoit (Photo : Courtesy)

Jeff Benoit, the People’s Party of Canada candidate for the Châteauguay-Lacolle riding, has been a faithful Maxime Bernier supporter since the party was created in 2019. As the Federal Election date approaches, he has affirmed his total disagreement with mandatory vaccination and the vaccination passport.

Translation Amanda Bennett

“There’s something that people need to understand; we are pro-choice and we are not anti-vaccine,” Mr. Benoit said from the outset.

Jeff Benoit who is in his second federal election under the PPC banner, has stated that the notion of freedom plays a preponderant role in the party’s values. Mr. Benoit says he respects the choice of those who want to be vaccinated. He did however express reluctance at forcing people to get the vaccine.  

No to the Vaccine Passport

“I totally disagree with the vaccine passport. I think it’s an unconstitutional and divisive way of doing things. At the moment there is no proof that the vaccine passport works,” declared the PCC candidate. He thinks that people have rights that should not be violated, even during a pandemic.

Jeff Benoit, who contracted Covid-19 during the first wave, acknowledges the virus’ existence and admits that we have to rely on science.

“If you get the vaccine, that’s fine, you’re protected. If you don’t get it, that’s fine too, you’re making that decision in full knowledge of the consequences, just like people who choose to smoke, for example,” he explained.  

For Mr. Benoit, the pandemic has had enormous economic impacts in the riding; businesses have all been hard hit by curfew, closures and health guidelines.

“People I have spoken to are worried about the economy. We need to put money back into citizens’ pockets, because small businesses are the backbone of the community,” he stated.

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