Speed limit reduction in Chateauguay

Speed limit reduction in Chateauguay
(Photo : Michel Thibault)

The speed limit is decreasing in most Chateauguay streets this fall.

From 50 kph, it will be reduced to 40 kph on residential streets and to 30 kph on roads alongside the river.

The change will go into effect gradually. Teams from the city are going to change the signage per sector during the coming weeks. Interested parties will be able to follow the developments on a page on the City website devoted to the new speed limits.

(Photo Michel Thibault)


The City has planned a period of “transition in order to accustom motorists to this change.” “Once the new signage is installed, some sensitization operations will be held in cooperation with the police department to inform the population,” the City specifies.

“Pedagogical” speed signs acquired by the City will be put into operation.


The City Council adopted its policy concerning the speed limit at its public meeting of July 6. The elected officials are invoking the repeated requests from citizens in that sense and some safety reasons “The probability of the death of a pedestrian hit by a vehicle is 70% at 50 kph and only 25% at 40 kph,” the municipality notably asserts.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

Red = 30 Yellow = 40 Green = 50 Blue = 70 (Image : City of Châteauguay)



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