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The Châteauguay-Léry Green Corridor: Brenda Shanahan Makes Financial Commitment

mardi le 14 septembre 2021
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Par Jules Gauthier

The Châteauguay-Léry Green Corridor. (Photo : Courtesy)

The incumbent MP and Liberal Candidate for the Châteauguay-Lacolle riding, Brenda Shanahan, has confirmed that her party will invest considerable sums into the conservation of the green corridor between Châteauguay and Léry if elected on September 20th.  

Translation Amanda Bennett

“I am pleased to be able to say that we will have a dedicated fund for wetlands and national environmental conservation. We will start at $50 million dollars over five years, for a total of $250 million dollars for Canada. It is essential in the fight against global warming,” explained the federal MP.

Ms. Shanahan is thrilled by the announcement. Until recently, when elected officials or community groups came to see her regarding environmental conservation projects, she felt frustrated by a lack of leeway.

The Liberal candidate would nonetheless like to specify that the exact amount that will be earmarked for the conservation of the green corridor has not yet been established. It will be funded by the $250M set out for conserving the country’s natural infrastructures.  

“That’s my job- to make sure that we have the funding we will need for the green corridor’s conservation,” she announced.

Conserving Nature

Ms. Shanahan explained that Justin Trudeau’s party wants to take part in the protection of green spaces, even though the issue is not one of federal jurisdiction. It’s about making it easier for municipalities who require assistance in the conservation of their natural spaces.

“Preserving our natural heritage is an important issue for the population. When I meet with citizens, they tell me how having access to the Centre Écologique Fernand-Seguin and to Île Saint-Bernard has helped them to maintain good physical and mental health during the difficult times over the last year,” Brenda Shanahan emphasized in her press release.

Recall that the green corridor is a large wooded area located between Châteauguay and Léry, with high ecological value that has been slated for conservation since the Plan Métropolitain d’Aménagement et de Développement (PMAD) came into effect. However, part of the land belongs to private owners who have filed a $50-million-dollar lawsuit against the MRC de Roussillon and the cities of Léry and Châteauguay, alleging that the current regulations amount to veiled expropriation. The Communauté Métropolitaine de Montréal and the MRC Roussillon have called on all levels of government to purchase the land.  

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