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$283 250 For Culture in the Region

le samedi 11 mai 2024
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Par Valérie Lessard


The Ministère de la Culture has awarded $283,250 to the MRC Roussillon and the municipalities of Candiac, Châteauguay and Sainte-Catherine. This money will be used to support "digital literacy, archaeological heritage and cultural planning".

Translation Amanda Bennett

Châteauguay will receive $88,250, while Candiac and Sainte-Catherine will each receive $25,000. For its part, the MRC will receive $145,000.

This funding will be used to develop FabLab programming, a digital manufacturing laboratory, in all the municipalities within the MRC. It will also be used for the cultural development of heritage-themed bike stops on the new Route verte bicycle corridor between Saint-Constant and Mercier.

There are also plans to carry out " specialized analyses and restore artefacts in order to deepen our knowledge of the region's heritage and disseminate this knowledge to the public", according to the Ministère de la Culture.