An Executive will run to be Chateauguay’s Mayor

An Executive will run to be Chateauguay’s Mayor
Lucie Lamoureux (Photo : Photo gracieuseté)

An executive at Bell Canada and Loto-Québec for several years, Lucie Lamoureux will run as a candidate for Mayor in the Châteauguay municipal election. She previously worked within the city’s administration between May of 2019 and December of 2020.

Her time at city hall as a consultant, director of communications and special advisor to the Director General led to her decision to make the leap into politics, she stated. « The city is completely disorganized. It’s worrisome. There is a major issue with governance,” Lucie Lamoureux contends. Examples of this disorganization? “There isn’t one mayor, there are three. No one knows their role and responsibilities. At any given moment, any day, it’s improvisation. Many people interfere in the city’s activities and make orders. It makes planning difficult. It’s a circus,” she alleges. « It’s the Director General’s office that needs to make sure the administration operates day to day. I know what needs to be done to organize that,” the aspiring mayor asserted.
She doesn’t think the situation is about « bad faith » or “one offs ». She believes that elected officials do not know their role or what is expected of them. « It’s a comprehension issue about what an executive actually is, » she assessed.

It was employees that initially encouraged her to run for mayor, she affirmed.

« Better genetically prepared » 

« The coming years will be difficult ones for municipalities, » Ms. Lamoureux predicts. « I think that women are genetically better predisposed to face the upcoming challenges, » she described on her LinkedIn page on the last day of her mandate with the City of Châteauguay in December of 2020. She clarified the statement in an interview. « I’m not saying that men are bad. Genetically, women are made to take care of others. I observed female mayors, those who are good are really good.  They have this ability to provide care. There’s less ego when it comes to women, » Ms. Lamoureux stated. She does however encourage mixed teams. « It isn’t ideal to only have guys or women. The two have different aptitudes, » she observed.

New Party
As she is new to municipal politics, Lucie Lamoureux is dedicating herself to it full time. « I am practicing to hold the position of mayor. I’m doing my homework. I’m reading a lot about municipal life » she relayed. She confirmed that she is surrounded by people who will be candidates for city councillors. « We will form a party. We are practicing being a team, » she said.

Lucie Lamoureux a worked at Bell for 11 years and spent another 15 at Loto-Québec. « I left both companies with a feeling of a job well done. I got the impression that I had seen it all, » she mentioned.

She emphasized that she had been among the youngest executives at Bell when she became the director of communications and marketing at 25. « It was a pretty extraordinary place to learn, » she assured. She was the corporate director of sponsorships and community involvement at Loto-Québec from 2003 to 2018. « I left Loto-Québec for two reasons. A friend asked me help with his business for a year and I didn’t want to cross the Mercier Bridge anymore. So I opted for contract work, » explained the women who has lived in Châteauguay with her family since 1987.
Married and a mother of three daughters, Lucie Lamoureux also volunteers. She is the Vice-President of the Anna-Laberge Hospital Foundation and is a board member of the Centre de Santé Desjardins Board of Directors. « Given that I worked in Montreal for such a long time, my big challenge is to become better known here in Châteauguay, » she concluded.

(Translation Amanda Bennett)

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Gary Potvin
Gary Potvin
12 jours

..she looked like a very promising candidate,..until she opened her mouth about how one gender is genetically predisopsed to be a better mayor,…what Bullshit…executive all right,..elitist at best,….stay home..