Boisé Châteauguay – Léry : Quebec would pay for lot purchase

Boisé Châteauguay – Léry : Quebec would pay for lot purchase
MarieChantal Chassé (Photo : Gracieuseté)

On April 23rd, the MNA representing Châteauguay announced that the Government of Quebec is ready to assume a portion of cost of acquiring the private lots in the Châteauguay-Léry woodland area.

In a press release, MNA Chassé stated that she was “pleased to confirm that the government is willing to support the green corridor conservation initiative through the Trame Verte et Bleu Program (TVB1)”. “Aware of the importance of this file, the government has committed to applying the maximum funding permitted through the TVB1, which is 50% of eligible costs,” MarieChantal Chassé relayed. She ensured that she is “working tenaciously in the interest of a complete preservation of the Châteauguay-Léry green corridor.”

The acquisition of the five lots constitutes a first step, according to Ms. Chassé and the CMM.

The MNA added that “stakeholders are currently discussing how best to ensure the development of a true conservation project for this area. There are still some elements that need to be ironed out, including at the financial level. But the government has already committed to funding 50% of the first phase’s acquisitions for conservation purposes. It is therefore important to remain mobilized to ensure the participation of all in the financing and design of a promising project for our future. Finally, I would like to tell the citizens of the region that we heard their desire to preserve the green corridor in its entirety and that we are actively working on it with community partners, as can be seen in our commitment to fund to the maximum extent permitted,” the MNA representing Châteauguay and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economy and Innovation (innovation and entrepreneurship sector) said.

This underscores “the exemplary collaboration between the Government of Quebec and the partners involved.”  She also acknowledged the involvement of her colleagues the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Ms. Andrée Laforest, the Minister responsible for the Metropolis, Ms. Chantal Rouleau, as well as the Minister of Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, Benoit Charrette.

(Translation Amanda Bennett)

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