Brush fires due to negligence

Par Michel Thibault
Brush fires due to negligence
Firemen put out the flames which were incubating in a tree last Thursday

Chateauguay firemen have extinguished several brush fires in recent days.

Some fires were caused by negligence, generally from cigarette butts, according to chief of operations Richard Perras of the Chateauguay Fire Safety Sertice. These fires pose a risk for dwellings, he warned. « A ‘strong gust of wind’ could push the flames towards a field or onto houses, » he cautioned. The danger is present even more now that « everything is terribly dry, » Perras emphasizes.


Tree on fire

The firemen fought a blaze – among others – in a wooded area next to Isabelle Park in Chateauguay last Wednesday. They had to return there the next day because a tree was on fire. That was probably due to brushwood falling inside the tree trunk and incubating there, explained the chief of operations.

(Translation Dan Rosenburg)


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