Change of Configuration for De Gaspé Street West

Change of Configuration for De Gaspé Street West
(Photo : Michel Thibault)

The official inauguration of the new one-way street configuration between Tremblay Street and Maple Boulevard was held in the presence of many residents of De Gaspé Street West. This reconfiguration is intended to reduce the volume and speed of traffic on this residential street.

“The arrival of the Vice Versa residences has highlighted a recurring problem in recent years. By modifying the street’s configuration, we are promoting its respectful use so that walkers, cyclists and motorists can live together more harmoniously,” said Châteauguay Mayor Routhier.

The new development, carried out at a cost of nearly $645,000, follows the recommendations of a report by the Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de la Montérégie-Ouest issued a few years ago and the municipal sustainable mobility committee. It also arises from the willingness of residents of Vice Versa who filed a petition as soon as they arrived at the complex to report the poor state of the road and regular speeding violations. “I know that many people were sceptical, but we listen to our citizens and we took your requests seriously. I am pleased to see that a promise I made to you has been fulfilled,” said Michel Énault, Councillor for the Filgate District.

Vice Versa Châteauguay’s Executive Director, Marie-Claude Daoust, stated, “Residents, like their visitors, have been very concerned about heavy traffic in recent months. The addition of a wider- than-average sidewalk and the implementation of a one-way street are excellent ways to reassure them and to encourage their participation in the community. I see them coming out now and I am happy to have supported them in their request.”

Two-way traffic is only permitted on the last 20 metres of the street, which is the section adjacent to Maple Boulevard, in order to facilitate access to the bank located there.

However, some motorists driving in the area notice that the one-way street has been implemented and still violate the new by-law. The Châteauguay Police Department has been made aware of the situation and is working with the City to disseminate information so that everyone knows and follows the new signs.

(Source : City of Châteauguay)

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