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Châteauguay: $6.5 Million To Increase Its Capacity For Drinking Water Production

le jeudi 09 mai 2024
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Par Valérie Lessard


The Chèvrefils station. (Photo : Courtesy- City of Châteauguay)

The City of Châteauguay recently awarded various contracts to the firm Veolia Eau Technologies et Solutions with a view to increasing its drinking water production capacity at the Chèvrefils production station. Specifically, it will lease temporary pumps "to make up for the shortfall in drinking water and to meet seasonal demand".

Translation Amanda Bennett

The rental of a mobile membrane filtration system on a trailer will cost $518,520 for 2024. The contract may be renewed for two subsequent optional years. "We're trying to produce more water so that we don't run out," said Châteauguay Mayor Eric Allard at the April municipal council meeting.

The city has also awarded two contracts totalling $4.9 million for the first phases of construction of a new drinking water plant at the Chèvrefils station. The plans and specifications are now being drawn up, and the equipment for the technology selected to treat the drinking water is being purchased," said the Mayor.

In a recent interview, Mr. Allard expressed concern about the summer season because of low precipitation levels this winter, which is having an impact on water levels in Lac Saint-Louis and the Châteauguay River.