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Châteauguay: Police Monitoring Snowmobilers Closely

le jeudi 02 février 2023
Modifié à 15 h 18 min le 07 février 2023
Par Jules Gauthier


The Châteauguay Police Department acquired two new snowmobiles during the spring of 2022. Snowmobilers spotted them on trails in the area this past weekend, as part of a coordinated national security operation. 
The operation targeted snowmobilers with behaviour that is dangerous for themselves and for others. According to Châteauguay Police Community Liaison Officer Erika Grondin, patrollers intercepted some fifty snowmobilers to determine whether or not they were at fault. 
“The police presence is primarily aimed at creating awareness among snowmobilers about responsible behaviours,” indicated Ms. Grondin. “Operations will be undertaken on a regular basis throughout the winter.”
The CPD wants to remind everyone that the trail speed limit is 70 km/hr and the snowmobilers are subject to the same laws as motorists when it comes to driving under the influence. “Moreover, operating a snowmobile is prohibited on public roads, barring exceptional cases,” the police officer specified. 
Safety Tips
Remain on marked trails and avoid bodies of water: in certain areas ice thickness could represent a significant risk;
-    Avoid going snowmobiling alone and always tell someone close to you about your planned route;
-    Be vigilant about crossing public roads;
-    Keep to the right at all times;
-    Comply with signage;
-    Adjust speeds according to trail conditions;
-    Refrain from consuming alcohol or drugs.

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