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Chateauguay residents invited to use Beauharnois ecocentre

mardi le 18 janvier 2022
Modifié à 11 h 45 min le 18 janvier 2022
Par Valérie Lessard


Beauharnois’ Ecocentre is located at 50, chemin des Haut-Fournaux. (Photo: Le Soleil - Archives)

Since January 6, Châteauguay residents wanting to get rid of materials in an ecocentre must temporarily do so in Beauharnois. The Ecocentre located on Châteauguay’s Industrial Boulevard has not been accessible since the contract between the company and the City expired on December 31.

Translation Amanda Bennett

The City was not able to renew the contract with the Géant du Conteneur as the company is no longer listed on the Register of companies authorized to contract or subcontract, indicated the City’s Director General, Karl Sacha Langlois.

“The company is no longer in good standing, we are unable to do business with them. I find that disappointing as it is a business that has established itself in Châteauguay, but we have to respect what has been implemented by the government, and that’s well and good,” expressed Châteauguay Mayor, Eric Allard.

The city was not aware of the reasons for which the company had been removed from the Registry, a decision that falls to the Autorité des Marchés Publics.

A communications advisor for the Autorité des Marchés Publics, Stéphane Hawey, told the Soleil de Châteauguay that if a company is not on the list, it is either because it has not filed a request or has not renewed its permit to contract.  

A Temporary Measure  

To avoid service disruptions, Châteauguay has come to an agreement with the City of Beauharnois to allow citizens to use its installations. The agreement calls for Châteauguay to pay $6,000 for the first 100 clients. Beauharnois will subsequently bill by the ton, informed Mr. Langlois. As was previously the case, Châteauguay residents are permitted five free ecocentre visits per year.

This measure is temporary, underscored Châteauguay’s Mayor, given that several other options are currently being analyzed for the future of ecocentre services within the municipality. The construction of a site beside the municipal garage has been raised as a possibility. Mr. Allard has emphasized that the site could be managed by a non-profit organization. The city us also looking at the possibility of entering into agreements with neighbouring cities.  

Beauharnois Ecocentre

As for Beauharnois, the two contracts related to its ecocentre came to an end on December 31, 2021, but the city used its option to renew for a year, a provision which was included in the initial contracts, indicated Stéphanie Leduc Joseph, Communications Advisor for the city.

A total of $166,704 will be paid to the Pro-Jet A&A Division Conteneur Inc. company for the rental and transportation of containers in 2022. Beauharnois will also pay $210,045 to Tria Écoénergie Inc. for processing dry materials.