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CISSSMO hospitals in a fragile state

le lundi 03 juin 2024
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Par Eric Tremblay


Anna-Laberge Hospital in Châteauguay. (Photo : Archives)

The summer period and the law limiting the use of independent workers and agency nurses will have an impact on services in the region. Already, the Centre intégré de santé et services sociaux de la Montérégie-Ouest (CISSSMO) is scaling back certain activities and assessing whether further bed closures will be required, in conjunction with obtaining support from neighboring CISSSs where necessary.

Translation Amanda Bennett

The CISSSMO is temporarily reorganizing its services in order to provide the care and services required by its users. “We are currently reducing activities in the temporary complex located next to the Suroît emergency room, and are in the process of assessing whether further closures will be warranted early next week,” replied the CISSSMO Communications and Public Affairs Department when asked about its contingency plan. Several intensive measures are underway to limit them as much as possible. We are monitoring the situation very closely and the situation is constantly evolving.”

The Ministry of Health and Social Services, as well as neighboring CISSSs, have agreed to support us in minimizing impacts during the transition period, which will see a reduction in the use of agencies (see below). This could involve hospital transfers, if proposed by staff. The aim is to achieve a better balance and optimize resources.

“We are aware of the challenges we are currently facing, and we are counting on the public's understanding of our ability to offer services and of our employees,” stated Bernard Cyr, Assistant General Manager of General and Specialized Physical Health Programs at CISSSMO.

Independent workforce

The measures associated with the Act to limit the use of personnel placement agencies and independent labour in the health and social services sector, which come into force this week, include a cap on agency fees. A decrease in the availability of independent labor is observed, with the aim of bringing these agency nurses into the network.

The aim is to abolish the use of agencies by October 2026. Measures are being put in place to gradually reduce the use of private agency resources,” says CISSSMO. Over the past few weeks, a vast campaign to hire agency employees has been carried out, and nearly a hundred agency employees have joined us. In addition, a call has gone out to employees to encourage them to improve their availability and voluntarily accept additional shifts.”

CISSSMO reiterates its commitment to eliminating independent labour within the next few months.

Alternative to the ER

The CISSSMO reiterates the options available to users to avoid and substitute a visit to the emergency room. Alternatives include family doctors, pharmacists, Info-Santé and Info-Social lines, and the primary care access counter.