COVID-19 : New closings

Par Michel Thibault
COVID-19 : New closings

The Gouvernement du Québec is ordering until March 30, 2020 the closing of the following businesses and public spaces:

  • aquariums;
  • skating rinks;
  • bars and discotheques;
  • libraries;
  • sugar shacks;
  • training gyms, dance halls and spinning, zumba and yoga centres;
  • indoor soccer arenas;
  • outdoor recreation centres;
  • cinemas and games arcades;
  • sample counters and booths in grocery and department stores;
  • malls (boutiques and stores with exterior access remain open);
  • recreational sites (ski resorts, amusement parks, trampoline centres, etc.);
  • museums;
  • water parks;
  • swimming pools, spas and saunas;
  • restaurant dining rooms;
  • performance spaces;
  • theatres;
  • hairdressing salons;
  • beauty salons;
  • personal care salons;
  • zoos;
  • all other similar facilities.

For restaurants, takeout orders, deliveries and drive-through services continue to be permitted.

The SQDC and SAQ remain open, but the number of clients must be limited in order to respect social distancing. Online orders are encouraged.

For places of worship, religious gatherings of all faiths should be suspended, unless they are essential. If a gathering takes place, social distancing must be observed.

Visits to hospitals, residential and long-term care centres and other establishments for seniors and vulnerable adults

Starting March 14, 2020, non-essential visits to hospitals, residential and long-term car centres, intermediate resources, targeted family-type resources and private senior’s residence will be prohibited to protect the most vulnerable individuals and workers in the health and social services network.


To protect their health, people 70 years of age and over are asked to stay home, except in cases of necessity or exceptional circumstances such as an important medical appointment.

Seniors can go out for a walk or to buy groceries or medications while abiding by health recommendations. Home delivery services should be used when available.

Families and friends are encouraged to phone seniors to catch up on their news and ask them to protect themselves.

In order to reassure seniors and remind them of the importance of abiding by public health instructions, the Gouvernement du Québec has established a robocall system featuring well-known key figures such as Message fromBernard Derome (french only) This hyperlink will open in a new window.Message fromDominique Michel (french only) This hyperlink will open in a new window.Message fromShea Weber This hyperlink will open in a new window. and Message fromMutsumi Takahashi This hyperlink will open in a new window..

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Has anything been put out to the public about dogs, pets. There are dog parks and when we let our pets out to get air or go do their business they can come into contact with others dogs. Has there been any warnings or facts about how to properly handle this situation?