COVID-19 task additionnal measures

COVID-19 task additionnal measures
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The Kahnawà:ke COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force would like to advise the community that it is taking certain additional measures regarding the current situation.

The following measures are approved, effective immediately

  • Both Kahnawa:ke pharmacies remain open, as essential services, but have initiated new directives for clients to access services in order to keep the pharmacists and health care workers at arm’s length from the COVID-19 virus. Information/ instructions are available at site, or by calling the pharmacies directly.
  • Kahnawa’kehro:non are STRONGLY urged to remain within the Territory, and to travel outside the community only for food and medicine/medical needs. All non-essential travel outside the community is strongly discouraged
  • Further to the above, all tobacco factories and cigarette stores are directed to close until further notice. This will help reduce the number of persons as well as supplies entering the community, which puts our community at a high risk of the virus being transmitted
  • All community gathering locations including churches, longhouses, reception halls, and other such buildings/facilities are directed to be closed to the public

All measures being taken are being put in place to help minimize the spread of the virus within our community and to help those who are most vulnerable. Please note: as we know, we cannot stop the virus from coming but, working as a community, we can limit and manage its spread.

Please check Kahnawake911 for any updates.

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