De Gaspé St. West: The City Asks Drivers to Comply with Signage

De Gaspé St. West: The City Asks Drivers to Comply with Signage
(Photo : Michel Thibault)

The work to rehabilitate de Gaspé St. West is continuing and the City would like to remind residents of the importance of complying with the traffic prohibition in force in the sector. Despite the presence of panels prohibiting access to work areas, many drivers are taking this street, which constitutes a major security issue for both residents and workers on the site.

One-way traffic

Traffic flow on de Gaspé St. West, between Tremblay Street and Maple Boulevard, is now one way heading toward Maple.

This change in configuration aims to reduce the traffic volume on this very busy residential artery and the neighbouring streets.

Two-way traffic is only permitted on the last 20 metres of the street, which is the section adjacent to Maple Blvd., to facilitate access to the financial institution located there.

The City is not able to determine when the work will be completed. The official end of work will be celebrated by a symbolic event for local residents at an appropriate time. In the meantime, we need more co-operation from everyone and encourage residents to comply with the signage in place so that the street can be made accessible as soon as possible.


(Source : City of Châteauguay)
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Jeanne Favreau
Jeanne Favreau

Many things wrong with how it is right now, I saw cars going both ways today. Should not be allowed to turn onto de Gaspe Ouest from Maple just to go to the bank. Too much parking allowed on the street and should not be on the side of the Apt buildings. If you really want to cut down on the traffic it should be one way from Maple to Tremblay, not the way it is now. It will continue to be used as a short cut as it has been forever

Cindy Head
Cindy Head

I agree. I don’t think people should be able to turn onto De Gaspé from Maple just to go to the Bank. I think it’s an accident waiting to happen. One way should have been in the other direction. Not sure if this is solving any problems.