Development of Industrial Park curbed by ‘’damp areas’’

Par Michel Thibault
Development of Industrial Park curbed by ‘’damp areas’’
(Photo : Michel Thibault)

The Chateauguay  Industrial Park is creating lots of interest on the part of investors but its development is actually being curbed by the presence of ‘’damp areas.’’

Michel Thibault  Translation Dan Rosenburg

Chief magistrate Pierre-Paul Routhier exposed the situation at a ‘’Mayor’s Breakfast’’ last Thursday morning at the Chic Chantier restaurant in the Industrial Park in question. About 30 businesspeople, mainly from the sector, were present at the City’s invitation. Considering that the law forbids construction in a damp area, the City ordered a study to learn what consists of the subject of the still-vacant lots and how to sell them in its Industrial Park, whose surface measures 6.8 million square feet. ‘’We have been proactive,’’ says Mayor Routhier.  The study carried out by the Stantec firm revealed that all of the spaces contain damp areas. ‘’A damp area is not necessarily a marsh. It’s a place where an accumulation of water is produced during the year, for example at the thawing of snow. And it’s dry the rest of the year,’’ Routhier explained.

$8.5 million to ‘’demolish’’ it

The City could perhaps develop the lots in spite of everything but there would be a price to pay. It is proposing to the Environment Ministry to pay $8.5 million to the green fund in change for the authorization to ‘’demolish’’ the damp areas, Routhier explains. The municipality has put the Industrial Park on hold while awaiting the Ministry’s decision.

If the City obtains the OK, it foresees endowing a portion of the park which is deprived of a sewer and aqueduct. The cost of these infrastructures is estimated at $12 million. The target date is 2021. ‘’It has already been two years that we’ve been working on this. The process can last from three to four years,’’ the Mayor emphasized.

Gift for a ‘’majestic’’ building

If the green light is obtained, the City will give a lot of 450,000 square feet to the Grandes-Seigneuries School Board to build a new professional training centre there. ‘’We are giving the land to have a majestic building which will be seen from Autoroute 30. We want truckers who are going to pass in front of it saying ‘wow!’,’’ Routhier affirmed.

Industrial Boulevard

The reconstruction of Industrial Boulevard, which is in progress for a few months will be placed on pause when the phase under way ends on December 20. This will allow time to make the point on the trajectory of part of the route which will change. The City wishes to connect  St. Francis Blvd. with St. Jean Baptiste Blvd, the Mayor reminded.

Quebec Games

Very anxious to obtain the presentation of the Quebec Games grand final in the summer of 2022, Mayor Routhier launched an appeal to industrialists. ‘’We are going to solicit all of you for sponsorships. This is an element that will put Chateauguay on the map,’’ he insisted.

An entrepreneur has already confirmed a contribution of $300,000, the Mayor revealed. The goal is $1,2 million. In return, the sponsors are going to receive visibility and benefits from the prestige of the Games.

‘’If we have them, it’s certain that we will have a hotel…and a Boston Pizza,’’ the Mayor says. Chateauguay is promising sports tournaments at the hotel on a yearly basis, he noted. A response on that topic is expected between now and January.



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