Elected officials want to reduce Chateauguay speed limits

Par Michel Thibault
Elected officials want to reduce Chateauguay speed limits
(Photo : Michel Thibault)

Chateauguay elected officials want to reduce speed limit in streets.

Translation Dan Rosenbrug

The limit envisioned is 40 km/h in residential streets and 30 km/h on “panoramic” roads, such as Salaberry and D’Youville Boulevards and Chemin Haute-Riviere. The speed authorized there is currently 50 km/h. The main arteries will keep this limit.

A notice of motion was served to this effect at the public council meeting of May 19.

Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier specified that the population would be consulted on the subject. He saluted the lengthy work of municipal councillor Mike Gendron in this file. “I have been thinking about this for 16 years,” Gendron observed. He said he wished that the process leading to slowdown measures would be accelerated. “I am asking that a way be found to make it happen quicker. If not, it will not go into effect before July 6,” he noted.

Speeding signs

The change of the cap will be conjugated with the addition of pedagogical speed signs in the décor. Council awarded the contract to the Traffic Logix Corp enterprise to supply six such signs for the amount of $22,765. They will be delivered during the next 10 weeks, the Mayor explained.

“We are going to concentrate on the safety we want to give the citizens,” Routhier said. “And we seriously believe that speed is one of the elements on which we have to work.”


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I think it’s a great idea! I live on Maple, near Gordon. There are quite a few people who love to see how fast they can speed before the stop sign at Gilmour. I have a home day care, and my neighbors on either side have children under 10. It’s very hard to cross the street sometimes or even pull out of our driveways, since most people don’t see the stop sign on Gordon and Maple.


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It’s about time, 50 on boulevards, 40 on residential streets, 30 where there are bike paths and schools, good idea.