Gunshots over the weekend in Kahnawake

Par Vicky Girard
Gunshots over the weekend in Kahnawake
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After a bullet went through the roof of a community member’s vehicle in Kahnawake, on December 20th,  the Mohawk Council (MCK) reminded people that, with the exception of hunting, the practice of firing guns is prohibited on the territory.

The MCK received a message reporting the events, he explains in a press release.

“My husband looked through the Jeep to see what could have been the reason for the hole. He found a bullet on the floor of the Jeep, details the message. It really scares me when I hear gunshots. I know I live in the woods and people sometimes like to hunt, but if they are hunting, they shouldn’t be shooting off their guns up into the air.”

Stating that she wants to sleep comfortably without the worry of stray bullets, the community’s member raised her concern of gunshots on New Year’s Eve.

The MCK reacted, insisting on stopping a dangerous and illegal practice before someone gets seriously injured or even killed.

“There are better options for ringing in the New Year, said Ratsénhaienhs McComber, holder the Public Safety Portfolio for the Council. Some families now light fireworks, which should be safer and fun for all. But I shudder to think that an innocent person could be hit by a stray bullet fired carelessly in the name of celebrating.”

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