Less infractions during back-to-school period

Par Michel Thibault
Less infractions during back-to-school period
Martin Labrie (Photo : Michel Thibault)

The behaviour of motorists in the vicinity of schools in the region is improving.

Michel Thibault  Translation Dan Rosenburg

Between August 29 and September 20, Chateauguay police carried out several surveillance and sensitization operations at the accesses of 25 schools on their territory. During that time, 52 tickets were handed out, notably for excessive speeding and illegal parking.

‘’This year’s summary constitutes a clear improvement over last year, when more than double the amount of tickets had been issued,’’ the police department informed in a communique.

The press release specifies that ‘’certain problems are still present.’’ The ‘’door syndrome’’ practice that consists of depositing one’s child from the vehicle as close as possible to the school, is still widespread.

During the increased surveillance period, the police distributed 529 notices to motorists in order to sensitize them to the phenomenon.

The department says that 75 hours have been invested in operations of repression and sensitization during the back-to-school period, from police working in the socio-community section, the traffic unit and armed forces teams.

‘’The operations held at the beginning of the school year were meant to remind drivers of good habits around schools, but also in the entire the roads network,’’ the police specify. Although the intensive operations in this sense are terminated, road safety remains a priority for the entire year.’’

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