Major worksite for three years on Mercier Bridge

Audrey Leduc-Brodeur
Major worksite for three years on Mercier Bridge
(Photo : Valérie Lessard)

The Quebec Transport Ministry (MTQ) will soon launch a major three-year worksite on the Mercier Bridge, in order to do preventive works necessary for the safety of the structure.

The traffic scenario and the schedule are not yet clear, indicated MTQ spokesperson Gilles Payer to Gravite Media. Le Journal de Montreal on January 13 reported that the works were going to start this summer.

According to information transmitted to Gravite Media by the MTQ, the majority of the works will take place on the provincial structure in the direction of Montreal.

‘’These are not emergency works,’’ Payer explains. ‘’This contract is a follow-up to observation works and maintenance of the infrastructure that have already been started,’’ Payer explains.

Some lane closures will be foreseen,’’ he informs, ‘’probably similar to those experienced on the bridge in the past few years.’ Thus, motorists will travel on one lane in each direction ‘’during a certain period’’ and will have to deal with certain work blitzes during weekends.

‘’The interventions that will require important obstacles will be communicated in advance and will be established in strict coordination with the other worksites on the territory via Mobility Montreal,’’ Payer indicated. ‘’Some mitigation measures affecting with collective transport or trucking will be deployed when need be.’’

The Transport Ministry is in the process of calling for bids to grant a contract estimated between $30 and $35 million for repair works on the Mercier Bridge. In virtue of the Accord in the matter of work between the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, the Quebec government and the Kahnawake Fair Wage Agreement, the MTQ will only accept bids presented by entrepreneurs situated in Kahnawake.

The MTQ has foreseen constructing a new Mercier Bridge during the coming years. The time line for this worksite has not yet been specified. (Valérie Lessard has contributed to this article.)

(Translation Dan Rosenburg)

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