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Nathalie Simon presents her electoral platform

mercredi le 13 octobre 2021
Modifié à 19 h 37 min le 14 octobre 2021
Par Jules Gauthier

Nathalie Simon and her candidates. (Photo: Courtesy of Citizens'Action)

Former mayor of Châteauguay and candidate of the Citizens'Action team Nathalie Simon has unveiled her electoral platform. From economic recovery to cultural life, including the environment and housing, Ms. Simon’s program is dense.

Translation by Renaud Médan

“The platform of Citizens'Action is about 6 axes, 18 orientations and around 55 actions that we want to carry out. It is the result of public consultations, our actions in the field in recent months and virtual kitchen assemblies,” said Ms. Simon in a video posted on social networks.

As a first step, the Citizens'Action team wants to boost the local economy while supporting the community and cultural life of the municipality. According to their online platform, this will be achieved through support to merchants, local businesses, artists and cultural organizations. The party also proposes the creation of a cultural centre.

The citizens of Châteauguay’s quality of life occupies a place in the program of Ms. Simon. She is focusing on access to good quality water and on the fight against incivilities such as graffiti, noise pollution and street violence. The candidate wants to offer more efficient and affordable public transit.

On the financial front, the former mayor wants a more equitable pricing policy for citizens, a policy on property and service taxation that never exceeds the consumer price index, and the adoption of a participatory budget concept.

Nathalie Simon and her team intend to fight against climate change and the degradation of natural environments. The restoration of the banks of the Châteauguay River, the integral preservation of the green corridor and the reforestation of streets, public places and parks are among the actions being considered.

Citizens'Action wishes to offer a greater place to citizens in the decision-making process by organizing the creation of citizen advisory committees and by adopting more transparent communications.

Finally, the municipal party promises to ensure a diversified and accessible housing offer in order to make it affordable for youth, families and elderly people.



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