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Nathalie Simon running to become Châteauguay's mayor again

le lundi 28 juin 2021
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Par Valérie Lessard


On Monday, June 21st, former Châteauguay Mayor Nathalie Simon announced that she would be running in the upcoming municipal elections that will be held in November. She will be surrounded by a team of candidates who will run as city councillors.  

Translation Amanda Bennett

Nathalie Simon led the city of Châteauguay for two mandates from 2009 to 2017 before being defeated by current Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier. The leader of the Citizens’ Action Team says she has learned a number of lessons during her years as mayor as well as from her electoral defeat. “I remained an active citizen who is involved in her community. I wanted to come back for the right reasons because my beliefs are shared by a vast number of citizens and I feel like I still have something positive that I can to offer my community,” she mentioned in a press release.
Her party is focusing on three main issues: drinking water, local business and preserving natural areas.  

Ms. Simon stated that the drinking water issue has been a concern for a long time. As an example, she cited a call for tenders that her city council launched in 2017 to study the state of infrastructures and their capacity for supporting new developments. “The current city council has the results of this study in their hands, but they are keeping it a secret. Can we allow ourselves to develop in accelerated fashion as the current council has been doing for the past three years without jeopardizing our drinking water supply?” asked the aspiring mayor in her press release. 
If elected, Nathalie Simon’s party is committed to revaluating development projects in terms of their impact and cost on the aqueduct and sewer system. 

Her party thinks that we must take the state of conduits into consideration before undertaking asphalt work in the municipality. “A resurfaced street is important but, in an election year, it also distracts attention away from genuine emergency issues such as brown water and a lack of drinking water,” commented Ms. Simon. 
She will present her team of candidates for the city councillor positions in the coming days. 
Nathalie Simon is the third person to declare their intent to run as mayor of Châteauguay. Municipal councillor Éric Allard and candidate Lucie Lamoureux also aspire to the position. 
As for incumbent mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier, last week he told the Soleil de Châteauguay that it would be premature for him to make any kind of announcement for the time being.