Petition about tax increases

Par Michel Thibault
Petition about tax increases
Valeriu Oprea (Photo : Michel Thibault)

At the origin of an electronic petition against the raises in municipal taxes in Chateauguay, citizen Valeriu Oprea deposited a printed version with elected officials at their February public meeting.

Translation Dan Rosenburg

’’The 2% raise in taxes that there was?’’ reacted Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier. ‘’That is the average person. Me, I pay 30% more,’’ Oprea replied.

‘’And for those who had a drop in taxes, what do we do? The Mayor asked. ‘’They are not happy, Mr. Mayor. The taxes are too high compared to neighbouring towns. We have 2,400 signatures. That’s a lot, Mr. Mayor,” the citizen affirmed.

The petition comes from the website which is accessible to all internet users. ‘’They are all people from Chateauguay?’’ Routhier asked, while searching through the document deposited. Oprea replied in the affirmative. ‘’Casablanca,’’ noted the Mayor. ‘’France, Sénégal,’’ Oprea went even further. ‘’These are people who live in Chateauguay?’’ Routhier questioned him. ‘’Yes,’’ replied the citizen. ‘’Abidjan,’’ the Mayor added. ‘’The council is going to definitely analyze this,’’ he signified.

‘’We want equitable taxes,’’ Oprea asserted. ‘’What’s what I want too,’’ concluded the first magistrate.



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