Request for subsidy deposited for indoor aquatic complex

Par Michel Thibault
Request for subsidy deposited for indoor aquatic complex
Le plan préliminaire réalisé par Massicote, Dignard, Taillefer, Patenaude, Atelier d'architecture. (Photo : Régie Beau-Château)

The Beau-Château Board deposited on February 20 its request for a grant to materialize the indoor aquatic complex projected for Chateauguay in the framework of a partnership with Beauharnois.

The cost of the installation is estimated at $22 million. Financial aid of $14 million representing 67% of the cost is being requested in the context of the Program for financial aid for recreational and sporting (PAFIRS) infrastructures offered jointly by the provincial and federal governments.

The complex would contain a sports basin with three diving boards, a recreational basin with a river, a beach and water games, as well as a basin for aquaform activities. A training room, dressing rooms, aerobic and dance halls, as well as a multi-functional hall also figure in the plans. The capacity would be for 500 swimmers of all ages.

‘’This new offer will permit the holding of sports competitions of regional calibre and will offer a diversity of activities for all clients, children, parents/children, aged 65 and over,’’ explains Joelle Ethier, director general of the Beau-Château Board. ‘’These installations respond to the need expressed for several years by the sports associations in the region,’’  she emphasizes

Sportplex annex

The aquatic centre will be annexed to the Sportplex already built by the Board on Brisebois boulevard in Chateauguay. It consists of the third outdoor infrastructure that the cities of Chateauguay and Beauharnois want to build together. The first was an outdoor aquatic complex already laid out in Beauharnois. The two cities are sharing the bill at a pro rata basis according to their respective populations, 79% for Chateauguay and 21% for Beauharnois.

The indoor aquatic complex will not see the day without a government grant, Ethier specifies.

Several institutions and organizations are supporting the request of a subsidy to make the new complex a reality. An answer is expected at the end of the summer.

In case this project would not be retained, a request has also been formulated to renovate the Polydium Sports Centre whose indoor swimming pool is obsolete and no longer fills the need.


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