Residential investment of $20 M

Residential investment of $20 M
Michel Roy is part of the team which is constructing the framing of the two new buildings. (Photo : Michel Thibault)

Two new buildings valued at a total of $20 M are going to materialize in the Chateauguay Centre district.

The City delivered the permit to build at the beginning of the New Year, Mayor Pierre-Paul Routhier revealed at the City Council meeting of March 15. “$20 M is enormous!  I congratulate Inovario for believing in Chateauguay,” he expressed, saluting the building enterprise that owns the development linked with Principale street.

Of a value declared at $10 million apiece, the buildings will each house 77 lodging units.

Effect on traffic

Municipal councillor Eric Allard said he was preoccupied by the impact of the new dwellings on Principale street traffic. He recalled that council had ordered a study on the subject. :”Are the works going to start before the firm’s report? This report must be done before the constructions are finalized. That is the objective of having a committee which discussed it and is completing its analysis of the traffic on Principale street,” he observed.

“It is certain that with a construction permit issued in January, no one is going to go and inhabit the new buildings before eight or nine months. So we should be in position, in all discretion, to receive the report before that,” the Mayor declared.

He let it be known that the firm doing the study was going to account for all the elements to come, including the two supplementary buildings.

(Translation Dan Rosenburg)

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Alanna Murphy
Alanna Murphy
15 jours

Traffic has become a nightmare coming from downtown to Principale! I waited 5 lights the other day. How many years will it take to get a solution to this problem. This is great for the environment and our quality of life! Congratulation Pierre Paul Routhier, you have done a great job with your de-zoning, re-zoning of our city and taking away all the pleasures living here, Mr Routhier you should be ashamed of yourself. How many weeks without water this summer? Keep building!