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Ro-Bus school bus: drivers support agreement in principle

le vendredi 09 février 2024
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Par Tristan Ouimet


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93% of Ro-Bus drivers in Châteauguay voted in favor of the agreement in principle on February 7th. According to Unifor Québec spokesman Jonathan Blais, the company's services should resume in the affected schools on Monday, February 12th.

(Translation Amanda Bennett)

Some schools in the Centre de services scolaires des Grandes-Seigneuries and the New Frontiers Commission, as well as three private colleges (Charles-Lemoyne, Jean de la Mennais and Héritage de Châteauguay), have been without Ro-Bus school transportation for several days. “The members were satisfied with the agreement," said Mr. Blais. “Remuneration will be for hours actually worked, and seniority will also be respected in travel." He went on to say that hourly wages for drivers will also be enhanced. The member participation rate was around 90%, an "excellent" rate, stated Mr. Blais. Jonathan Blais pointed out that the Transdev bus service acquired Ro-Bus in December, and that it came into operation during the strike mandate. The new employer was therefore able to negotiate a solution within two weeks, explained the spokesman.