Routhier wants access to REM at Dorval

Par Michel Thibault
Routhier wants access to REM at Dorval
(Photo : REM)

The Mayor of Chateauguay is seeking a bus route between his city and the future REM at Dorval. 

Michel Thibault  Translation Dan Rosenburg

’’We will not go to Brossard to make a 30-minute trip following another 30 minutes to go somewhere in Montreal,’’ declared Pierre-Paul Routhier at a breakfast with businesspeople at the Chic Chantier restaurant in the Chateauguay Industrial Park on October 17.

Pierre-Paul Routhier.

‘’The majority of our workers work in the west,’’ he said. ‘’When you take the Mercier Bridge in the morning, when you look at the exit, there are not a lot of people who go towards Montreal. This is because there is already a very good public transport service to Montreal. The majority goes to the west. There is an enormous amount of people who work in Ville St. Laurent, Dorval and in other places like that,’’ he explained.

Une partie du réseau du REM. La Ville de Châteauguay, à droite, n’y figure pas. Le maire Routhier réclame un autobus vers la future gare de Dorval, encerclée en jaune, à droite.
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