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Suspicious individual near a school

mardi le 21 septembre 2021
Modifié à 10 h 39 min le 21 septembre 2021
Par Valérie Lessard

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Since the beginning of September, the Châteauguay Police Department has opened two investigations related to reports of men approaching children.

Translation Amanda Bennett

A man in his forties with tanned skin and short, dark, curly hair approached a child near Notre-Dame-de-L’Assomption Elementary School in Châteauguay, inviting the child to get into his four-door white vehicle. He spoke French with an accent, the police department stated. 

In a press released dated September 14, police mentioned another event in the Tisseur Park neighbourhood in Beauharnois, where a child was approached by a man offering candy. Two days later police indicated that further investigation led them to conclude that the incident was “unfounded”.   

“When events like these occur, it is important that anyone who is aware of the situation communicates with police as quickly as possible so that police can intervene immediately,” the press release reads.   

Citizens who have information related to the situation near the Châteauguay elementary school can communicate with Châteauguay Police at 450-698-1331, option 5, or via the anonymous tip line at 450 698-3229.

Advice for Parents 

Police would like to seize the opportunity to remind parents of a few stranger danger safety tips that they can share with their children: 

- Encourage children to travel with at least one friend;
- Use the same route when travelling and identify safe places in the neighbourhood where a child could ask for help if necessary;
- Never get into a vehicle and never leave a location with a stranger, no matter the circumstances;
- Travel in well-lit areas;
- Maintain a safe distance from another person when you feel insecure;
- Say NO;
- Tell an adult you trust about the situation.

Information is also available on the Réseau Enfants Retour website at: www.reseauenfantsretour.ong.


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