’’The planet won’’ – Brenda Shanahan

Par Michel Thibault
’’The planet won’’ – Brenda Shanahan
(Photo : Michel Thibault)

’’The planet won with Canada as one of the leaders to guide this fight to save the planet. That’s currently the main issue,’’declared Liberal MP Brenda Shanahan following the federal poll results of October 21.

Michel Thibault  Translation Dan Rosenburg

According to the MP re-elected in Chateauguay-Lacolle, the theme of the environment has been decisive. Invited to predict the result of the vote on the afternoon of the election day, Shanahan expressed: ‘’From what I can see, the principal stake for everyone is the battle against climate change, I think that’s what is going to lead to a decision. I believe that the Liberal Party of Canada has the most realistic and concrete plan to combat climate changes.That’s my prediction. I think the people are going to choose the planet.’’

Lengthy suspense

The citizens finally elected a minority Liberal government. The Bloc Quebecois mixed up the cards by climbing from 10 to 32 MPs in the House of Commons. The push of Yves-Francois Blanchet’s party was felt in the Chateauguay-Lacolle riding. Its candidate, Claudia Valdivia, delivered a fierce battle against the Liberal incumbent.

Following the announcement of the results in the riding by Elections Canada, the strain of voices between the two women remained at a minimum. Shanahan took the lead at the beginning of the evening. Valdivia passed her at about 10 :30 p.m. Then the outgoing MP moved ahead again. The suspense only ended in the small hours of the morning. Shanahan finally won with 20,397 votes, 934 more than the Bloc candidate, who amassed 19,463

‘’It was a strange race,’’ Shanahan observed, taking a few pretend runs while standing in place at her office where the verdict was still being awaited at midnight. Her partisans began to leave, succumbing to fatigue. The key person of interest was awaiting the results in good humour. She cracked jokes, gave hugs, and rejoiced with every Liberal victory announced on the big screen. At about 12:30 a.m., when her fate had still not been confirmed, Shanahan asked that dance music be played. Some partisans joined her to execute a few steps on air of ‘’I Feel Like a Woman.’’

Quebec needed

What message does Shanahan retain from this battle with the Bloc? ‘’It’s what I always tell people: It’s not that Quebec needs Canada, it’s that Canada needs Quebec more. If we wish to bring Quebec’s voice via another manner, I respect the decision of the electorate. But I say, we must sit at the table to take decisions and move ahead. It’s certain that we take all that into consideration. We want the people to be proud of us.‘’




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