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The Roger Laberge FMG is changing hands

mardi le 21 septembre 2021
Modifié à 15 h 25 min le 22 septembre 2021
Par Valérie Lessard

The Robert Laberge family medicine group is located on D’Anjou Boulevard in Châteauguay. (Le Soleil-Jules Gauthier)

The Robert Laberge family medicine group is now the property of the ELNA Médicale company, which operates a vast network of medical clinics throughout Canada. The new owner has affirmed that patients affiliated with the clinic will enjoy enhanced services.

Translation Amanda Bennett

The medical clinic located on D’Anjou Boulevard was previously owned by the Groupe Fleury which specializes in the pharmaceutical sector. “We want to focus on our core business, that’s why we sold to ELNA Médical, which specializes in the management of medical clinics,” explained Christian Blanchette, Directeur General of Groupe Fleury. 

For ELNA Médical, it is a first acquisition in Montérégie Ouest. Its mandate is to oversee the clinic’s management.  

Accelerated Access to Specialists

Patients could benefit from the company’s network, indicated Jonathan Prunier, Director of Marketing and Communications for ELNA Médical. “Our major strength is our first line and speciality care network. Doctors will be able to refer patients to specialized clinics nearby,” he explained. He states that the average Canadian wait time before being able to consult a specialist following a family doctor’s referral is 24 weeks. On the government of Quebec’s website, the anticipated delay is estimated at 3 days to 12 months. “For us, it’s between two and three weeks,” ensured Mr. Prunier. The clinic’s services are covered by the Régie de l’Assurance-Maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

The Roger Laberge FMG includes nine family physicians, a specialized nurse practitioner and nurse clinicians.

Additionally, the clinic offers health professionals’ services such as nutritionists, kinesiologists, social workers and a pharmacist. 





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