Thrift Shops Open, But Not Ready to Accept Donations Just Yet

Thrift Shops Open, But Not Ready to Accept Donations Just Yet
(Photo : Michel Thibault)

Community organizations whose mission is reselling used items at affordable prices have reopened their doors after a break imposed by COVID-19, but they are not ready to start taking donations just yet.

Translation courtesy Amanda Bennett

That is the situation at the Châteauguay Community Centre and Entraide Mercier. Both resumed welcoming clients during the week of May 25th with distancing measures like hand disinfecting at the door and limiting the number of clients inside. Wearing masks is also strongly recommended.

Spread Out Donations

Donations will be accepted again as of Tuesday, June 9th. After a two-month break, people have a lot of items to donate, but it would be best if the donations weren’t all dropped off at the same time.

“We have a hard time operating when we receive very large quantities of donations, like what happens the day after garage sales. We fear volumes of material donations that are even larger than that,” Anik Sauvé, the Director General of Entraide Mercier stated. “We don’t have enough workers or space to take in and process the donations we receive, especially considering that public health requires us to place donations in quarantine for 7 full days before they are handled,” added Nadia Tremblay, Director General of the Châteauguay Community Centre.

The public is urged to solely offer items that are in excellent condition. “Items that are stained, have holes, are ripped or broken or have missing pieces are not conducive to being reused,” the directors noted.

Those that have much to donate are invited to bring their items gradually over a period of a few days or even a few weeks.


In order to fulfill its mission, Entraide Mercier needs volunteers and temporary employees. Those interested can call 450 698-2137.


Community thrift shops encourage the reuse of clothing, toys, furniture, etc., while supporting those in need.

“Profits are reinvested in various anti-poverty initiatives. Purchasing from a local thrift shop is about helping fellow citizens and helping the planet.” Anik Sauvé and Nadia Tremblay emphasized.


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