VIDEO – A retirement home in Chateauguay celebrates Christmas

Par Vicky Girard
VIDEO – A retirement home in Chateauguay celebrates Christmas
(Photo : Hélène Lafleur)

Elders at the Mary Elizabeth retirement home in Chateauguay had the chance to celebrate Christmas, on December 23rd.

DJ Norm (Normand Marleau) who has offered multiple concerts outside since the beginning of the pandemic, and a trailer, were in the establishment parking lot for the festivities.

Hélène Lafleur, hairdresser and organizer for the activities, wished for the residents to have a festive evening.

“They are quarantined. They don’t have much entertainment. It’s a hard moment right now. Some of them are crying a lot. It was really good”, she says.

Everyone enjoyed, while respecting the distance required and the sanitary rules.

“We made them dance. Some came outside, others were on their balcony. They had luminous necklaces. I was told about it a lot on the next day. They were happy”, expresses Hélène Lafleur.

Furthermore, the residents expressed their gratitude to DJ Norm, who’s been performing voluntarily for them. A stocking was installed and around $200 was raised to thank him.

“They love him so much! DJ Norm knows them now, he plays the song La Dame en bleue [from Michel Louvain] for one of the residents, because he’s aware of how much she adores it”, also shares Hélène Lafleur.

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